Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Works of William Hope Hodgson

I am off on another tangent and so much for my original winters reading list. Most of what I had selected to read during this period was not to my liking. I recently downloaded several of H.P. Lovercraft’s short stories and novelettes on to my Android device and have already read through the list. Not being finished with this genre (horror) I started to look for works from other authors and recently came across the work of William H. Hodgson.

I have downloaded the following titles:

  1. The Boats of the Glen-Carrig
  2. The House on the Borderland
  3. The Ghost Pirates
  4. The Night Land

The first three are part of trilogy in which I am just starting the first part of this series, The Boats of the Glen-Carrig.

Hodgson’s body of work is quite impressive. He has written across multiple genres, including horror, science fiction, and stories of the sea and adventure.

So far the first of Hodgson’s trilogy has been good reading and have confronted some type of monstrous creature that visits during the night and an island where the soles of men are encompassed into trees. More to following on this nautical adventured horror story.

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