Friday, January 23, 2015

Low Cost or No Cost Print and Play Board Games that Look Interesting and Fun to Play



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Battle of Ayrene's Woods


A little fantasy game from TCS games


3 Famous Battles Set


“A set of 3 introductory war-games of famous battles. “Separate PDF’s with maps, rules, and counters for the battles of Waterloo 1815, Senlac: the Battle of Hastings 1066, and Lee at Gettysburg.


ACW Solitaire


“In ACW Solitaire, the player plays the Union forces in the American Civil War of 1861-65. The aim is to defeat a simulated confederate opponent using a combination of strategies.

Units include named Generals, Armies, Forts, River Gunboats, Naval Fleets and different Indian Tribes.”


American War of Independence: Battle Pack 4


Each of the nine battles included separate maps, rules and counters. Each battle is designed to be played in about an hour.


Barbarossa Solitaire


“A solitaire game simulating the struggle between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front 1941-45. The player takes control of the Nazi forces against a simulated Soviet opponent. Over time, the players forces gradually weaken and Soviet attacks increase - can you do better than history?”



Introductory game on the first battle of the English Civil War. Easy to understand rules and can be played in an hour or less. There are 113 counters to cut out.


French and Indian War Battle Collection


The 12 battles of the French and Indian War includes 12 maps sized from 8.5 by 11 inches and smaller, 17 pages of rules, and 54 counters. These games are for 2 players.



Gazala is a simplified 2 person simulation of the 1942 battle in the deserts of Libya and includes 3 Page Rules, 50 counters, and 1
8.5 x 11" Map.

Struggle for Wake Island


A two player game. “Struggle for Wake Island incorporates both the air and sea components of the battle while remaining a low complexity game.”

Terror War Solitaire


Can you beat the terrorists and terrorist states?

The Vietnam War


Is a two player game. “The Vietnam War board game lets players assume control of the North Vietnamese Army and the US led South Vietnam faction. Both players must compete for military domination of Vietnam.”

Vinegar Hill: Castle Hill district, New South Wales Colony (Australia),March 5, 1804


Two player game. “While there was trouble with convicts on several occasions in Australia’s early history, Vinegar Hill was the only one serious enough to class as a rebellion. Fortune did not favor the Irish rebels, with communication failures stopping the spread of news or the end result could have been very bloody indeed.”

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